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How To Buy A Car During Lockdown
24 May 2020

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How To Buy A Car During Lockdown

Advice on how you buy a car during lockdown

I hope for those of you able and willing to enter into the search for a car will find this latest blog on how to achieve doing so helpful? People's feelings and ability to go about daily life have been severely restricted during this period of restrictive travel. Causing many to put off buying a replacement car. However business has been continuing albeit at a much lower level. This blog is not intended to explain how to break social distancing rules or ignore the advice given by Public Health England or to encourage anyone to break any ruling in place. Please do not put anyone in danager through your actions or encourage anyone to break any rules. 


Cheshire cars have been pioneering online search and sales for almost a decade now, so we can confidently give you advice on how safe and simple this route can and should be. For the online search to work you need to be sure on the type of car you need alongside how you are going to pay for it. 


I feel this part of the transaction is really important, so here we go. Firstly you are protected by the 'distant selling regulations' as you will not have yet seen the car. This regulation affords you 14 days from when the contract was made to change you mind about the car and hand it back. You can still be protected by the regulation even after visiting the dealership if you left a deposit online or by phone or bank transfer without first seeing the car. The dealer will need to email you all of the relevant car details plus the terms and conditions including anything discussed to sell you the car, such as past servicing and or repairs. Only pay a deposit after you have received the documentation and are happy with the papers. If the dealer is open and transparent they will have sent across all supporting documentation in the first instant. Ensure you ask if the deposit is returnable for any reason or not. 


All dealers will have adopted good social distancing within their businesses but always ask how they are doing this beforehand. Once at the dealer the car should be outside and open for your inspection. Keys should be handed to you and you should be left alone to inspect the car. You might even be able to test drive the car alone if the dealer has the relevant insurance in place for unaccompanied test drives. Remember you have the 14 day right to return the car anyway if you do not take a test drive. 


If the car is delivered by driving it to you then the dealer will provide a sanitisation wipe around after reaching you and will simply push the keys together with documents through the front doors letterbox or will leave them on your doorstep. Decide beforehand what you wish and inform the dealer. If there is a part exchange the dealer will need you to do likewise with your car. Some dealers will transport the car by truck but should always wipe around touch points inside and outside of your new car. 

Last but not least are two very important services that all good and proactive dealers will already be doing. They will be publishing customer reviews for general reading and be hosting full and informative video car reviews online. 

If you are after reading through to this point, wishing to reach out then please do so by email or by phoning the Author David Bilsborough of Cheshire cars. 


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