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How To Sell My Car
03 October 2020

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How To Sell My Car

With the used car market in the uk at over seven million vehicles its not surprising many owners have thought about and tried out selling their own car at some stage along the ownership journey. My name is David Bilsborough business owner here at Cheshire cars of Crewe in Cheshire. I have spent my entire working life to date in the motor trade. I see the sector from wholesale through auction houses to auctions online to private sellers plus the main dealer groups selling wholesale and finally the retail sector. I operate seven days a week within the trade and can put you on your way to achieving the best outcome. 

Within the last decade the digital age has had a huge inpact upon the sector. Much of the inpact has been positive bringing the seller and buyer closer together using technology. However you do need to use common sense when entering the market as a freelance seller. There will be no substitute for having carried out due diligence for the sector that you are marketing to. 

Before you can advertise the car you must ensure that you have gathered all of the cars documentation such as the registration document or V5, the current MOT certificate even getting a duplicate if you can not find the original. You can always include the old expired ones which will help reinforce with a potential buyer you have looked after the car, keeping all paperwork in order. Gather the service and hopefully maintenance record whilst checking the service book for missing services and ask for the garage to stamp the missing spaces. If the car is due either a service or MOT then consider having these attended to before listing the car. Any buyer will only ask for a larger reduction if you have not attended to carrying them out. Or worse pass up on viewing your car for another that does not need them doing. Think about the cars appearence both inside and outside. The inside is just as important as the outside. Having a valeter go over the whole car after having any service and repair completed will ensure you have the best chance of attracting a buyer. 

Choosing the Right Channel To Market Your Car 

When you are researching the right asking price for your car you must use the national market for cars that will have a listing value of £3000 or more those under that price you can cap the distance to 40 miles when researching. Buyers will not usually travel more than 40 miles for cars that are under £3000. When researching for your asking price you really must be £500 less than the asking price for a similar dealer car. The dealer can accept a part exchange and offer finance which you either can not or would prefer not to. The dealer also allows certain reassurances with regards to warranty as a car sold privately comes with none. 

Moving next to your research regarding the best medium to list your car will depend on just how quickly you wish to sell the car. As a rule of thumb a car with an asking price of under £1500 will sell pretty much on any platform. So you would not necessarily need to pay for listing the car, infact most if not all will offer a FREE listing including the market leader Auto trader. For cars of a value of over £3000 you can stick to a social channel such as Facebook Marketplace this may take longer than say Auto trader but there are no fees using Facebook. Auto trader is the market leader here inside the UK and indeed reach by far the greater number of potential buyers. This fact alone will not guarantee a sale though. Quality of the advert comes into play now. use the maximum number of images ensuring equal exterior and interior images. If using a mobile device to take the pictures then shoot it in lanscape and not potrait. Check each picture for quality, very little to no sunlight intrusion, no thumbs or fingers across the image. Ensure the steering wheel is aligned on interior images whilst ensuring the radio and the navigation if your car has it is switched on. Switch on the air conditioning and take one image of the cars mileage with the engine running if its off the dashboard lights will light up which might worry someone that the car has issues when it's only the fact the engine isn't running. Remove all personal effects from inside the car and place in the boot, preferably in a container or bag at the very least. Remember the more care that you take the better the end result. When wording the advert do ensure to cover all the main points of servicing and cover any extra equipment that your car has. 

How to Stay Safe and Handle Payment Once You Have Reached Agreement 

The actual viewing will depend on your personal view on risk. Try and always have a second person with you when you arrange the viewing. Always ensure the viewing is at a time to suit you no matter what the circumstances are being given and never forget that you can say no. Do not give away your address until you are statisfied the buyer is genuine. One thing never to do is allow a third party to view and collect the car until you have received cleared funds in your bank. This means by a bank transfer even call your bank and ensure the funds are cleared and will not be recalled. Do not give a test drive unless you are driving or the buyer can produce a certificate of insurance and they have their licence allowing them to drive. Always take a screen shot of both and sit in the car alongside the buyer and if you prefer have the person of support sit inside as well. Even let people know that you have an appointment and text them when the buyer arrives. 

If the viewer decides to buy then arrange for a bank transfer into your account and insist that this is the only method of payment that you will accept. Remember even cash can be false. Do not be convinced to accept any other method, even a bank draft as again these can be false. Again if you are not comfortable simply say no to the sale and wait for another buyer.  

Upon the buyer returning to collect do not release the car until you know the transfer has reached your account and is cleared. Complete an invoice or receipt of funds noting the actual details of the car plus the amount paid along with the date done so. Include the buyers name and address including postcode. Go online to and follow the instructions to complete the change of ownership. Do not allow the car to go without doing this and certainly you must complete this and not the buyer. The buyer receives from you the green part of the V5 which allows them to apply online to renew the cars road tax. This is because once you have completed the change of ownership any road tax is cancelled meaning the car is untaxed for the new owner. The green section is titled the V5c/2. Here is the link which enables the new owner to apply for road tax.

Follow the advice here and you will stand a good chance of selling your car successfully. Good luck and stay safe.  

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