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Free UK Delivery in Crewe, Cheshire
Cheshire Cars

Free UK Delivery

How It Works

Cheshire cars delivered their first vehicle down to Brighton during July 2011. Now almost a decade later we continue the service offering all of our vehicles with free UK mainland delivery. It is a driven to your door service by either myself or my father.

If you wish you are welcome to visit us here at our address to see the vehicle and take a drive and still receive free delivery. Our very many clients often when writing a review include how much they valued the free delivery.

The service works really well, with a simple £250.00 transferred into our account with any balance only transferred over after you have received and approved the vehicle. All payments are made by bank transfer so completely efficient and safe. Before any deposit is transferred you will receive all paperwork which includes all documentation relating to the vehicle but also our terms & conditions plus privacy policy. Only after receiving and reading these documents do you transfer the deposit of £250.00.

Free UK Delivery is really just that, Free.