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Car Safety Recalls
07 August 2020

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Car Safety Recalls 

There are two main types of recalls. The first is critical and the second is desirable. The critical recall will be dealt with by writing to the owner or at least the named person or registered keeper on the vehicles registration document. It maybe that the maker also reaches out through social media for owners or users to contact their local agent in order for them to carry out the recall. Please do not ignore this type of recall. And if you have since sold or exchanged the car then reply back to the manufacturer with who you sold or exchanged the vehicle to. 

The desirable recall is less urgent and will usually get dealt with as you take the vehicle into your dealer for its service and or mot. However you will not receive the recall if the service work is carried out by anyone who isn't the manufacturers agent or dealer. So if you use someone other than a main agent then simply telephone through to the main agents service bookings team, asking if there are any outstanding recalls against your vehicles registration number. Or the vin number which is the chassis number. You will find this on the vehicle or by looking inside the vehicles registration document. Make it an annual check so that you miss nothing.

Both of the above types of recalls are FREE and once completed will help your vehicle to stay reliable and safe plus efficient. 

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