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Car Servicing The Benefits
17 July 2020

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Is Getting My Car Serviced Really Important

The quick answer is that a vehicle with a comprehensive service record will be more reliable and valued higher than a vehicle with little or no service record. So then, why is it that owners seem to have a disregard to maintaining their vehicles? I have a considerable amount of experience working inside the UK's motor industry and I see first hand the lack of importance given to maintenance of a vehicle. 

I really believe that owners simply do not rate having to pay out for servicing and think that the dealer selling the car and having serviced it at sale is good enough. It is testiment to vehicle designers and engineers that vehicles can withstand this level of abuse and still run. 

What Benefit Is There In Having My Car Service 

There are many benefits in carrying out periodical servicing and maintenance of your vehicle. From a reliability and safety point the car being serviced is also being inspected by trained people who can and will prevent other issues from happening, thus preventing breakdown and extra expense including missing work or important appointments. If the vehicle is being serviced by franchised dealers then any recall notices are carried out at the service point. This means that the vehicle will be operating at optimum levels. Having your vehicle serviced will actually reduce the cost as it will gain a smoother and more economical performance. Do not fear if you do not use a franchased dealer for service as these recalls are free of charge anyway, so by telephoning through to your nearest franchised dealer they can update and arrange for anything outstanding to be completed at no cost to you. A vehicle with a comprehensive service and maintenance record is worth more in exchange and sale than one with little or none. 

Notice that I have used the word 'comprehensive' service record and included the word 'maintenance' why? Basically a vehicle needs both, aren't they the same? No, similar but different. So you can have a service, changing the fluids and adjusting items BUT leave not having done tyres or a vehicles timing belt. You see now equally as important but you leave them and then forget to attend to them which places the vehicle in danger of breakdown and even more expense. Vehicles need both servicing and maintaining to be reliable and valued higher at point of trade in or retail sale. You will only be saving if the vehicle does not breakdown or upon sale the buyer does not ask for a discount due to the lack of servicing and maintenance. 

David Bilsborough is the owner of Cheshire cars based in Crewe, Cheshire a used vehicle retailer of some reputation, offering Car Sales, Car Sourcing, Car Buying, Car Finanace, Part Exchanging plus full workshop and repair facilities.   


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